About the Bravo Easy Kit for Milk

About the MILK



Yes, milk, once boiled, can be stored into the freezer up to 6 months.

The flame or the potency of the stove is not high enough or the pot is too thick.

Yes, if a regular stove is not available.

Yes, in general terms, every kind of animal milk can be used. Milk from goat, sheep, lama, camel..can be used. Thickness and taste can vary from milk to milk.

No, it cannot. Bacteria and yeasts of Bravo require animal milk to grow and to produce in the final product hundred of molecules active on the immune system. In case of intolerances to milk we suggest to use the Non Dairy Bravo kit for fermented fruit juice.

About the POWDERS

Powders are very stable thus they can stay for weeks at room temperature. However, if the room temperature is too high or if you plan to use them not immediately it is preferable to store them into the refrigerator (not freezer) far from humidity inside their original envelope.

About the preparation of the PRODUCT

Take a couple of tablespoons of milk already boiled and cooled and pour them into a cup. Mix well all the powders with this tiny amount of milk; transfer the blend into the rest of the milk.

No, yogurt maker MUST NOT be used. The high temperature of the yogurt maker kills many of the bacteria and yeasts of the product.

Wait further 12-24 hours without mixing it. Fermentation it’s a time and temperature dependent process. If the room temperature of the environment where you left the bowl to ferment was too low it will require longer (up to a total of 48 hours) to reach the appropriate thickness.

No, Bravo cannot be prepared using some leftover from the previous preparation. This is due to the fact that Bravo powders contain colostrum which is completely used by bacteria during the fermentation process. At the end of the fermentation, no more colostrum is available in the product; this means that if some leftover is used to prepare a second batch, bacteria do not have any further colostrum to use. Colostrum is important to allow, during the fermentation process, the natural formation of molecules active on the immune system. Furthermore, Bravo formulation has been studied considering a precise ratio  among the strain of bacteria and yeasts growing during the fermentation process. The cultures have to be renovated every time to keep this ratio.

About the Bravo Easy Kit for Fruit Juice

No, the powders of the kit have been designed to prepare a new fresh batch every time.

The amount of probiotics and chondroitin sulfate (dietary supplement) have been calculated to provide an adequate daily amount. Increasing the daily amount would result in a too high daily dose which is not recommended.

You can use filtered juices, pure, concentrated or extracts. Also vegetable milk can be used.


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