For several years now BRAVO is been produced and distributed free of charge to children in the St. John’s Nursery and Primary School of the Mangochi Dioceses in Malawi. Malawi is one of the world’s seven poorest countries and has a life expectancy of only 40 years. BRAVO, produced locally, is given to several hundreds of children in a region struck by malnutrition, underfeeding and HIV, in a refectory at school where the children get a meal before going back to their villages and their homes. We hope that this initiative of assuring the children a good nutritional and immunological support will help in reducing child mortality in this area of the world as compared to some years back when many children used to die due to adequate nutrition.




Since 2014, BRAVO is also locally produced and distributed free of charge to the children of the orphanage of the Lopburi Temple about 150 kilometres (93 mi) northeast of Bangkok.

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